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Dyes for Packaging Sector

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The packaging sector is a highly specialized section of the paper industry that has a great demand for the dyestuffs. This increasing demand is backed by the replacement of traditional basic dyestuffs with highly advanced and modified basic and direct dyes. Traditional Basic dyes enjoyed an unrivaled position for a considerable number of years due to a lot of factors, important among them are high color strength, acceptable properties and a more or less modest pricing. But over the years, other dye types, that includes the Direct dyes have tilted the scale of economy in its favour as the perfect choice in the packaging sector.

Criteria for Selecting Dyes

When it comes to packaging grades the choice of dyes narrows down to three broad categories namely Basic dyes, Modified Basic dyes and Anionic direct dyes. However, a very vital point to note here is that the selection of the dye types cannot be done in isolation only. Other points like if the end product is to be added to a size-press or in the wet-end (stock addition) must be thoroughly considered. Given here are few of the criteria that are applied while considering the type of dye to be used:

Comparison among the types of dyes used in the packaging sector

The table given below highlights the comparative advantages, disadvantages of all the three types of dyes:
Dye Advantage Limitation
Basic dye Substantively is moderate Poor lightfastness
Above par tinctorial strength Not so good shade stability
Is economical Acid content is high
Diverse shade range Backwaters colored
Preferential Dyeing
Modified Basic dye Very good substantivity Shade range is somewhat limited
Backwaters are cleared Lighfastness through better than basic dyes, but still not up to the mark
Coverage of all the fibres
Light fastness is better than basic dyes
Anionic Direct Dyes Good substantivity Somehow limited build-up on some furnishes
Llightfastness is moderate to good
Not expensive
Broad shade

Applications of Dyes in Packaging

These dyes find application in the following popular packaging sector:

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